6 Expert Tips to Maintain Your Home Security System

23 May 2019

Installing a security system at your home is not enough but we also need to do regular maintenance. Its maintenance procedure involves inspection of all the elements, replacement of old batteries and ensuring that all the components are communicating effectively with one another. You must conduct a weekly inspection of your security system.

The objective behind the installation of a home security system is to make our home completely safe and protect our family and valuable items from burglars. The security systems at our home not only protect us from thieves and unwanted persons but also remotely help in monitoring energy consumption.  If you find any problem with home security power connection, you should call a reliable Sydney electrician.

Do you remember how many times you left your room light and fan on? Thanks to the remote access in a home security system that helps in remotely turn off any appliance.

Here, in this article, I will share tips on how to maintain your home security system:

1. Do Weekly Perimeter Inspection

Roam around your home, check the entire sensor installed on windows and doors. Inspect that all the sensors are properly fixed at their place or not.  If you have wired sensors then check that whether all the wires are properly connected or not. On the other hand, if you have wireless sensors at your place then do check their batteries. If there is an electrical connection problem then call reliable Sydney electrician.

2. Check Your Control Panel

It is the central part or brain of a complete security system. It is that unit of your security system which receives all the signals generated by the sensors. After receiving those signals, the control unit interprets all. In this control panel, there is a ‘test mode’ which starts a self-diagnostic process and make sure that the whole security system is working in an appropriate manner.

In case, you have deployed monitoring services, send them a notification in advance before starting test mode. Advance notification to monitoring service will prevent them from calling the police if any alarm starts buzzing in between the test mode. Also, do the visual inspection of the system and control panel. If you find any sign of damage then call the professionals.

3. Do Proper Lights Inspection

Make sure that all your outdoor lights are working properly. Do the proper inspection and if you find any of them is faulty then do not wait for longer fix them immediately. Due to heavy wind or rainfall, the security light shifts slightly from their place. If they are slightly displaced then readjust them to get maximum efficiency. You can also hire one of the best electrician companies Sydney.

4. Do Inspection of All Your Security Cameras

Most of the home security systems have cameras. If you do have security cameras then do regular inspections to make sure they all are working properly. In addition to this, inspect your recording devices and identify that these cameras are recording adequately with high-quality.

5. Call Qualified Professionals

Doing an inspection of your security system by yourself will help you to keep your system in proper working condition. But, annual maintenance by a qualified professional is also an imperative task.  It will ensure that all the components in the security system are running properly. 

The professionals will check each and every part of the system such as wiring, power supplies and sensors thoroughly. If they find any problem then they will repair it. They will fix all the issues and maintain the system in proper working condition.

Not only the hardware section, but the technicians will also check the software section and update it if required. Most of the time, the software update can be done remotely with the help of the main control panel. But if the technicians are available at your home for annual maintenance then ask them to check the firmware and eliminate all the bugs.

Many companies provide annual inspection at a reasonable price while some of them include the maintenance cost while making the initial installation agreement. Inspection by qualified professional brings peace of mind that the security system is up to the mark and the home is completely safe.

6. Extra Safety Checks

Along with home security system, the fire extinguisher is also really important. It is recommended to keep a fire extinguisher on all the floors of your house. Inspect these extinguishers and if required then get them serviced.


The home security system will keep your home safe but it doesn’t mean that you do not need to worry about anything. Your alertness is also important for you and your house safety. After installing the security system at your home, do it regular maintenance to make sure that it is working properly and you are actually safe. Use the above-mentioned tips for inspection of your security system.

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