7 Key Benefits of Building a Pool in Your Backyard

10 June 2019

Did you know the average cost to build an inground pool is over $20,000?

When ditching out this much for a pool in your home you might be wondering if it's even worth it.

Building a pool in your backyard is more than having a place to go cool off. Keep reading to learn some benefits of taking the plunge to build a pool for you and your family to enjoy.

7 Benefits of Building a Pool in Your Backyard

With summer right around the corner, people are thinking about pools and beach trips. How nice would it be to have a pool right in your own backyard to plan some summer fun without the need to travel anywhere!

1. Better Health

When you think of a pool in your own home you might picture yourself in a lounge chair sipping on a margarita in the middle of the pool vs getting some cardio in. But the truth is that having your own pool means you can improve your heart health with a few laps every day.

Swimming is a low impact exercise which means you can get a great cardio workout in without waking up with swollen feet and muscles the next morning. You're also able to build your strength and target muscles you normally can't get to with a regular workout.

Including certain movements and strokes, you will more likely work out more muscle groups than you would with a weightlifting session at the gym.

If anyone in your home ever needs aqua therapy after an accident having your own pool means you can have your therapy sessions in your own pool instead of a community pool or local gym. It's always more comfortable to have any type of therapy sessions in a more private setting.

2. Get-Togethers and Pool Parties

Your home can become the place to go to for the pool party of the year. You can throw the perfect pool party that will leave all your guests excitedly waiting for the next party.

Having food, drinks, and a pool to cool down makes for the perfect party venue. Outdoor pools are a perfect way to bond and bring people together. 

You can have your area set up with lounge areas for your guests to relax when they need to take a water break. To learn everything you need to know about throwing the most exciting pool party check out this blog.

3. Swimming Lessons

If you have children and they don't know how to swim yet this is the perfect place to teach them. What better place than the comfort of your own home? 

Exposing children to water early in life will help them be more comfortable around it. As they get older they won't have a hard time going to larger bodies of water, working around water, or swimming for exercise.

Having easy access to a pool will give your children the place to practice their swimming and master the skill. You can even hire someone to give them private swimming lessons in your own pool.

4. Home Value

Having an inground pool can bring up the value of your home. If you go the extra mile and create a mini paradise in your backyard it will be really attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home in the future.

If your neighbors have pools and you don't have one, then having a pool installed will more than likely benefit you in the future as well. If you decide to sell at the same time as your neighbor and they have a pool and you don't this might be a deal breaker.

5. Stress Buster

Swimming helps us reduce anxiety and stress. After a long day of working you can come home and unwind in your own oasis to reduce any stress from the day or any tension you have.

Swimming is not only great for mental stress but also physical stress. Anything you do in the water is low-impact and you barely realize you're exercising this means that you're relieving a lot of pressure on your body. Less pressure equates to less physical stress.

6. Goodbye Electronics

In today's society, it seems that getting a child or even an adult to put down the tablet or phone becomes more difficult every day. With more jobs and businesses being remote and location independent electronics have become a necessity for many people. 

Although electronics have done miracles for the way we do business and work sometimes a much-needed break to unplug is needed. Having a pool in your backyard and taking a thirty-minute swim gives you and your family an opportunity to disconnect for a bit. 

Even thirty minutes will help you refresh. Bringing your phone, laptop or tablet into a pool is never a good idea. If they take a dive they will more than likely not survive the fall. Pool time will force everyone to be in the moment while they're swimming.

7. Bonding Time

With so many responsibilities, work, and the cost of living rising it's no surprise that families have a difficult time spending quality time together. 

With everyone being forced to put the electronics down in order to go in the pool there is more time to talk and bond with family. You can set up family pool nights where you play games in the pool, have races or just chill and talk about your week Refurbished iPhone,.

Ready to Take a Dive?

Now that you read the above benefits of building a pool in your backyard are you ready to draw up your dream pool and call in the contractors? 

The list above is not all-inclusive, there are countless benefits to having a pool in the comfort of your own home. 

Take a look at our other posts for more ideas for your home!


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