Aboriginal artist captures Australia’s beauty with a home accessories collection

24 August 2023

Aboriginal artist Bobbi Lockyer has created an inspiring collection of home accessories that showcase the beauty of the Australian seaside, bringing themes of nature and Aboriginal stories into Australian homes.

Bobbi’s work reflects the colours of the country and stories of the past through traditional Aboriginal art techniques. The design of the collection reflects Bobbi’s culture.

“As an Aboriginal Saltwater woman my culture is embedded through all my creative work. I am influenced by learning stories from my Elders and family. I love that I can be part of passing that down. Growing up along the coast I spent my childhood at the beach always learning and creating, and the ocean has always been a huge inspiration for me,” Bobbi says.  

“My four boys also love the beach and can spend hours exploring beach caves, walking the reef, collecting seashells and connecting back to the country through storytelling. This design tells a story of the vibrant coral reef system we have and the many creatures and seashells inhabiting it,” says Bobbi.”

Five captivating pieces showcase Bobbi’s unique designs. A mix of bright pink and pastel hues featuring ocean themes offers a harmonious range and special connection to Australian nature.  

Watering Plant Mister 


Taking care of your indoor plants has never been easier. The lively colours of this porcelain Watering Plant Mister (320mL) feature a decal of Bobbi’s art, immersing you in the rich tones of Aboriginal culture and adding a stylish touch to your home.

Ceramic Pot

House your plants in a 14cm Ceramic Pot embellished with Bobbi’s unique art. Available in the popular egg planter shape, the ceramic pot is perfect for indoor plants. Pop a 12cm grow pot inside and enjoy a stunning addition to your home.

Bookend Planters

Simplicity goes hand in hand with sustainability. Bobbi’s collection offers decorative, functional pieces that celebrate our connection with nature. A set of two triangle Bookend Planters will enliven your space with greenery while its vivid designs add a pop of colour to any bookshelf.

Plant Propagation Vase

If you’re a plant enthusiast, then the Plant Propagation Vase is the perfect addition to your home. Designed to complement your home decor, the propagation vase brightens up your home with its vibrant pink design and makes it easy to grow plants sustainably. For best results, try propagating Pothos, Philodendron, Monstera Deliciosa, Monstera Adansonia, Syngonium and Chain of Hearts.

Scented Candle

Experience the captivating fragrance of Australia with an Outback Sunset Haven Luxe candle. Made with signature soy blend wax, this candle boasts a masterful blend of citrus tones with the use of fragrant bergamot and earthy banksia notes, evoking the warmth and beauty of a sunset in the Australian outback. The combination of these fragrances creates a unique and refreshing aroma that is both invigorating and calming.  

The Bobbi Lockyer home accessories collection is available at Woolworths stores nationwide. For more information and to purchase visit


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