What is BUILD?

BUILD is the complete, trusted and independent online authority on building and renovation for Australians. BUILD aims to answer all of your questions about building and renovation – even those you didn’t know you should ask!

What makes BUILD so useful?

Our articles are straightforward and easy to read, carefully researched, and 100% independently written to make sure you’re getting the best possible advice on building and renovating your house - no matter what your plans or where in Australia you live.

We work closely with all of the biggest players in the building industry to prepare in-depth design advice, important information and great ideas to aid and inspire you. The advice we share is the product of decades worth of experience publishing about construction and trades in Australia.

BUILD caters to all levels of experience, and features product information, practical tips, ‘how to’ articles, exhaustive pre-build checklists, innovative step-by-step planning and project management tools and a vibrant community of helpful, like-minded people with whom to share your glorious home building triumphs and milestones.

BUILD is designed to help you from the minute you start gathering ideas, all the way through your building project - and beyond!

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