Adbri concrete face bricks cement their place in residential architecture

01 April 2022

Perhaps it’s the sleek modern look or a nod to the memories of Australia’s brick architectural heritage but contemporary brick homes are increasing in popularity, matching the design desires of architects, designers and homeowners alike.

Where once brick was associated with older homes, the humble brick has been updated with a face lift that sees a new designer range of concrete masonry bricks emerging as a top choice for homes offering striking looks, functionality and versatility.

Adbri Masonry’s Nathan Martyn says that concrete face bricks can make a statement with stunning design elements.

“They provide unrivalled design flexibility with an on-trend range of colours, as well as elegant finishing and textural options to highlight face brick as a feature in architectural designs. Our newest series of coloured concrete brick products are 100% colour-through, reducing the negative impact of chipping and providing longevity of an aesthetic curb appeal.”

As an exterior building product, concrete bricks are a perfect choice being energy-efficient, durable and requiring little to no maintenance, as well as increasing the strength of the structure while guarding it from a range of environmental elements. Used internally, exposed face bricks can embed a sense of permeance, security and style, as well as design options such as introducing speciality laying patterns to provide stunning architectural appeal and an opportunity to showcase personal style.

Texture and colour are important elements within design trends for many façade materials. Adbri Masonry’s premium concrete bricks allow the creative possibility of blending different brick colours and textures throughout face brick walls and have excellent dimensional accuracy, achieving a high-quality finish.

With new colours ranging from stunning white bricks to moody dark greys and blacks, as well as a made-to-order option, there’s a colour to suit all styles of houses from contemporary minimalist to modern coastal.

The textures offer a seamless integration, from banding a row of shotblast textured bricks through a smooth wall through to creating shadow lines and hit and miss pattern walls with a honed brick, unique designs will be amplified.

Nathan remarks: “The other big advantage is availability of product. Adbri Masonry’s range of concrete bricks are all Australian made, using commercial grade local raw materials. Being manufactured locally provides assurance that materials are available without holding up the building process. Low-cost production also enables a low-cost pricing strategy, making them a good option for multi-residential and residential projects.”

Adbri Masonry concrete bricks are used in many architectural projects and are multi-awarded winners in the “Think Brick” awards.

Nathan adds: “There’s such a wide range of profiles, textures and colours available in concrete bricks that the aesthetic outcome is only limited by the users’ imagination.”

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