Add a new dimension to your bathroom

27 January 2022


 The bathroom, traditionally functional space, is fast emerging as a state-of-the-art sanctuary surrounded by innovation, technology, and connectivity. Smart bathrooms are rapidly making their way into Australian homes with homeowners embracing high-tech products such as smart toilets, sensor taps and underfloor heating. 

According to Beaumont Tiles design specialist, Rachel Gilding, just like other aspects of our lives, technology is adapting and working its way into every part of the home, including the bathroom.  

“Bathroom technology is redefining how we use this space, as manufacturers are creating bathroom ware that caters to consumers evolving needs and combine abstract aesthetics with an integrated approach to technology which includes mobile phones,” she says.

There are a number of products to watch out for in 2022.

“From self-flushing toilets, right through to LED lit mirrors with built-in Bluetooth, this is technology that continues to syncopate through the bathroom - the future of bathrooms is here.”

She adds that demand for Bluetooth LED mirrors is on the rise as they are easy to install and provide music entertainment that you can sing along to in the bath or shower!

Rachel says there are a few key innovations already available and swiftly making their way into modern bathroom renovations.  

Toilets of the future, now!  

“Smart toilets are the latest in bathroom technology and while bringing the comfort and luxury of a resort into your very own home,” says Rachel.  

“Smart toilets such as the Novus Smart Suite are perfect for those looking to increase cleanliness in their bathrooms because they are much more hygienic than your average toilet.  

“The wash and dry function reduces the need for toilet paper – a plus for your grocery bill and the environment. while the self-cleaning nozzle and the automated closing and shutting of the lid drastically decrease the amount of direct hand to toilet contact and transfer of germs.” 

Wash your hands, hands free! 

“Sensor taps are a brilliant addition to your bathroom as they reduce surface contact and encourage a germ-free wash, and at Beaumont’s we’ve been seeing an increasing demand for these this year,” says Rachel. 

“Not only are sensor taps extremely hygienic, and easy to clean, but they are also super water efficient, with our Venice Sensor Tap having achieved a high six-star WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) rating.”

Smart taps feature automatic sensors that stop the water immediately as hands leave the sensing range, and a timer which stops the tap automatically after 70 seconds to reduce water wastage – an important consideration for Aussies living in drought prone areas.

 Heat it, just heat it! 

Under tile heating does more than keep toes warm, it’s terrific for maintaining wet areas like bathrooms, ensuites, and laundry areas in the warmer months too. 

“In summer, Australia is notorious for its humidity and hot weather, under tile heating in the bathroom, is a brilliant way to reduce the humidity in the room, have it dry faster and minimise the opportunity for mould growth.   

“Our Hotwire Under Tile Heating 300W is unlike conventional radiators that create convection currents to heat a room and propels dust into the air. It prevents the circulation of dust particles an all-important consideration for those with allergies or hay fever.” 


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