Adding an Extra Room With a Loft Conversion

18 May 2019

Add an Extra Room With a Loft Conversion

Not everybody can find the money to move home at present, with real estate selling prices rocketing and costs spiraling out of control. The cost of moving must be added onto the buying price of the new house as well as all the extras when you are working out the overall expenditure involved. However moving house isn't the sole alternative open to you if your family is getting too big for your existing property.

A fairly expensive solution is to extend your property to gain that extra room, however you might not be able to get the required planning permission, and your property might not be suitable for this. Yet another option is to do a garage conversion, which would be cheaper although relies on you actually having a suitable garage and not needing to use it. A fantastic option which should add value to your current home without increasing the property footprint, is to get a loft conversion.

Loft Conversions

For many of the above reasons loft conversion has become quite popular lately.  You'll have to check that your property is in fact suited to a loft conversion before you make a final decision. Lots of contemporary houses which have got roofs made with trusses aren't really suitable.  A large number of houses constructed prior to the nineteen seventies have ample head space and so are the most suited to loft conversions.

To be sure your particular loft is acceptable, you will want to speak to a builder to evaluate it. The builder will present you with a quote for the project once he has affirmed that your loft is okay for converting. Don't simply opt for the initial quote you receive, get a number of quotes before picking out your conversion specialist. When you are deciding upon the best builder for the job you need to use your instincts rather than just go for the lowest estimate.

Loft conversions seldom require the need for planning permission, therefore it is improbable that yours will. Your local planning department is where you must go to check if you need planning permission.

Although for house owners, getting their loft converted might be a wise decision, it requires a substantial financial commitment. If you do not currently have the required cash you could always ask the bank for a loan, which hopefully will not be too difficult as the likelihood is that your conversion will add significantly to the value of the house.

Your house's layout and style is what establishes what form of loft conversion is best for you. There are various different forms of loft conversions that you can get including: roof lift loft conversions, loft pods, roof light loft conversions, velux loft conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions, mansard loft conversions and dormer loft conversions. To discover which one is the most appropriate and cost effective for your property, speak with your chosen loft specialist.

You just have to determine what to use all of that additional space for as soon as the conversion is finished. You might use it as a laundry room, an additional bedroom or two or a new bathroom.

Good luck!



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