Appliance testing and tagging

Testing and tagging 
Tags on electrical appliances indicate that they have been tested for safety purposes. Image provided by Carl Wilson.

What is test and tag?

Testing and tagging is exactly what the name suggests - having appliances tested for safety, and then having a tag put on them indicating by whom they've been tested and on what date. The tests, in addition to a function test, are to assure electrical safety - principally insulation and earth bonding.




When do appliances need to be tested and tagged?

Appliances used in the home and owned by you (i.e. those not supplied under a hiring contract) don't need to be tested and tagged. Anything you rent though - be it a ‘gurney’, concrete mixer, air compressor, bain marie or similar has to have ‘tested tag’. Another example of when you may need to have appliances tested and tagged in your home is when you are running a bed and breakfast or guest house.


Businesses that rent out appliances have to have test gear in place to periodically electrically test these appliances. This is required by the States and Territories under their own legislations. The actual testing procedure is carried out according to the relevant specification, Australian Standard AS/NZS3760 - Electrical testing and tagging standard.