Are Smart Homes a Good Investment?

07 July 2020

Smart homes, and all the associated benefits and gadgets that go with it, are big news right now. And the interest is only set to increase. If you’re cynical as to whether or not this is true you only need look at how many of us are now instructing Alexa to give them a weather report or asking Siri to set an alarm to realise how firmly smart tech has become integrated into daily life.

But still, it’s early days… So when it comes to investing your money in smart features for your home (or indeed paying the premium for a new-build that’s already wired to the hilt) is this a wise direction of funds?

Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

What Advantages do Smart Homes Bring?

Ok, so the most obvious advantage of smart features is that of convenience. When we consider the tech that’s now been around long enough to work seamlessly (in other words, you don’t need a degree in astrophysics to operate it and it works to a reliable level) it’s easy to see the many benefits.

Smart technology that’s becoming more widely used includes:

  • Control heating and cooling from anywhere
  • Turn the lights on remotely, or dim them without having to move from the sofa mid-movie
  • Answer the door, even when you’re not at home, with a video doorbell
  • Smart locks mean you’ll never again have to lug keys around or suffer the indignity of locking yourself out
  • Be alerted by your security system to any potential incident
  • Turn on the TV with your voice, rather than navigating multiple remotes
  • Save money, with elements such as smart lights and plugs that turn off automatically when not in use
  • Create independence for those living with disabilities. The advantages of using voice-controlled technology can be life-changing for many.

This is just a small selection of why investing in smart technology in the home can be hugely beneficial. However, there’s always the flip side of the coin…

The Downside of Smart Technology in the Home

The tech is, undoubtedly, still in its infancy. With many different companies vying for a piece of this relatively new market, who knows which will survive the distance. In addition, much smart home technology is complicated to set up, and then there’s the aspect of vulnerability. Many people who can see the advantages it can bring are understandably wary to fully embrace this brave new world due to concerns about hacking and unauthorised access.

Other issues include:

  • Worries about what happens should the technology glitch and stop working
  • Troubleshooting when things don’t work as expected
  • How easy it is to add further smart features that work seamlessly with already utilised functions

Despite these concerns, the demand and use of smart home features continues to rise. Undoubtedly this will become more widespread, and as stronger security against cyberattacks advances, so will trust in its use. This growing penchant for automation in the home makes the choice to plough money into such technology a valid investment.

Get Professional Advice and Installation Options From a Professional Source

The biggest challenge when upgrading to smart home technology is knowing what to purchase. The amount of products on the market is increasing daily, making it problematic to even know where to start. By far the most effective method to understand how to best invest your money in upgrading your property to utilise smart tech is to consult with a qualified source.

This way you not only determine what best suits your needs, but you also get the right advice as to how to carry out work in a relevant order to futureproof the elements you put in place. From smart wiring to touch screen control panels that can be integrated with further devices, carrying out systematic upgrades will ensure that your money is well spent.

Perth and WA residents are fortunate to have an expert provider on their doorstep in Crown Security. This family run business has been at the forefront of smart technology for many years, and their dedicated smart-tech professionals can advise on all elements to suit every situation.

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