Is Asbestos Roofing Harmful? Health Hazards & Asbestos Removal

28 December 2022

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral having a huge range of characteristics. Most 80s-90s Australian building construction materials contained asbestos since they offered excellent heat, fire, and chemical resistance properties. However, asbestos has strong fibres. These fibres are extremely toxic as their exposure can give rise to several health issues, including lung cancer. If your roof has this material, you should opt for a reliable asbestos roof removal company that will help you in detecting and remove the asbestos from your home.

How dangerous is asbestos?

Identifying asbestos in roof tiles on a visual basis can be extremely difficult. The design, colour, and construction can help you determine whether your roof comprises asbestos. The pattern in which they are laid will also help you identify their presence. 

However, determining the presence of asbestos in your home can be challenging. Also, it will be a great concern if you can identify and locate asbestos near you. This is because it will mean that the fibres might already be exposed to the air you breathe. 

Thus, it can give rise to serious health problems like cancer of the mesothelial tissue (also known as mesothelioma). However, you might not know the amount of asbestos present in the air. Therefore, you must quickly opt for a roof removal procedure.

Weathering can also make the material more dangerous. The exposure of the asbestos material to sun, wind, rain, and snow will lead to the spread of the fibres on a higher level. Asbestos can also lead to extreme health issues like lung cancer. 

This is even more dangerous for people who smoke. This is because the smoke acts as a catalyst for the asbestos that is then present in the lungs. The carcinogenic effects also increase as the asbestos leads the harmful chemicals from the cigarettes directly into your bloodstream. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to find a proactive measure to get rid of asbestos roofing sheets.

Metal roofs are hard and can last through different seasons. Therefore, metal roofs are considered durable and can thus act as a great alternative. On the other hand, asbestos can cause great damage as the asbestos roofs can deteriorate in condition and can collapse. 

To get rid of any kind of injury that could happen you need to search for a company that will help you with asbestos roof removal and asbestos roof replacement. 

Even though asbestos is resistant to fire, there may be a chance that when the asbestos roof is on fire the fibres in the roof may get spread into the air. 

This can later spread throughout the air and cause great damage not only to the ones residing in the area but also to the ones staying in the surrounding areas.

Risks other than health hazards

Asbestos will not only responsible for damaging one’s health but also their wealth. The reason behind this is that asbestos can make your property challenging to sell. Getting insurance will also become extremely difficult and prove to be a costly move. 

Getting the asbestos roof removed will make you worry-free as it will also be a good step concerning your health. 

What can you do on your part?

You should not engage in removing the asbestos roofs on your own. Instead, you should opt for a reliable asbestos roof removal company that will do the task safely and legally. They will first determine the type of asbestos so that it becomes easier for them to draft the planning process required to remove the roof. 

You should also opt for a service provider that will dispose of the asbestos roof safely and responsibly. You can browse the web to search for a reliable asbestos roof removal company. Select the appropriate company from the several options available to you.