Aussies escaping the ‘beige’ with bolder bathroom designs

14 March 2023

The growing trend of Australian homeowners ditching the safe beige and white tones for bolder colours, patterns, textures and styles has seen a surge in orders for Beaumont Tiles’ complete bathroom packages.

First launched in August 2018 with 30 complete bathroom packages, Beaumont’s now offers more than 40 complete bathroom ware packages to cater for the demand from renovators.

Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles design specialist, says while the white-led coastal and traditional styles were once the prominent look for bathrooms across Australia, renovators have become braver and were wanting to inject bolder styles such as industrial, farmhouse and vintage that have more striking colours and design choices.

“But we found that when it came to the crunch, the biggest obstacle to them creating a splash with a beautiful style outside the norm was a lack of design confidence or guidance on how to start their bathroom makeover. Not knowing where to start is very normal and not all of us are gifted with the know-how to understand the difference between a modern and vintage look, or what goes into creating either.”

Christie adds: “It can be difficult to understand what would suit your home and tastes when you can’t picture the look that you’re going for or understand how to get there with all the different design features which go into a bathroom. That’s why our complete bathroom packages for different styles are becoming much more popular.”

These packages come with everything – tiles, taps, vanities, toilet and cabinet, all designed by a specialist team, in conjunction with design gurus like Shaynna Blaze and fan favourites from The Block.

Among the favourite packages are: the Shaynna Blaze Farmhouse Lux, the Scandi Value Package and Industrial Value Package.

Rounding out the top ten bathroom packages in order of popularity are: Farmhouse Value; Farmhouse Live-a-Little; Scandi Live-a-Little; Shaynna Blaze Vintage Value; Modern Value, Omar and Oz’s Farmhouse Lux and Coastal Value.

Christie says: “Aussies are looking for a sanctuary and becoming more sustainable than ever, both of which are offered by the farmhouse style which favours recycling rustic pieces and cosiness as epitomes of this brilliant barnstormer look.”

Beaumont’s Complete Bathroom Packages come in 10 different styles for three different budget categories – Value, Live-a-little and Lux. The packages can also be customised to meet customer needs.

Christie adds: “If you aren’t sure which style will fit you, the What’s My Style quiz is perfect for figuring out which out of ten styles will fit your needs and personality. The quiz even suggests complete bathroom packages so you don’t have to scroll too far so that you can get your home makeover finished quicker than ever.”

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