Austral Bricks releases new range inspired by Australian coastlines

07 June 2022

Understated and modern, the Stratos Series by Austral Bricks is a vibrant collection inspired by Australia’s magnificent coastlines. The misty rainfall, expansive skies, moody storms, and sparkling ocean reflections are all elements of the Australian coast echoed through variegated marbling and subtle colour gradients in the Stratos Series.

Designed to embody the familiar yet everchanging Australian coastal landscape, the Stratos Series is sure to become a favourite in contemporary homes, as well as commercial projects.

This range has an inherent versatility that allows it to act as a punchy focal point, or as a subtle integration into an existing architectural space. Available in six unique colourways, the Stratos Series emphasises a natural refinement and nuanced depiction of the Australian coastal experience.

Brett Ward, general manager of international marketing at Brickworks says: “The Stratos Series embodies the tumultuous and fleeting nature of the Australian coastline through its depth of tone and silvery finish. With an intrinsic ability to fuse with surrounding natural environments, this range is sure to luxuriously transform your space.”

Taking their name after clouds, sunsets and other seaside occurrences, each colourway reflects its own coastal phenomenon. Morning Mist, Dark Cumulus, Light Cirrus and Cloudy Sunset are shades that fuse cool-toned greys with warm chestnut browns for a multifaceted and adaptable finish. This subtle diagonal gradient introduces contrasting colour as a decorative element, making these bricks perfect for feature walls or other focal design points within a space. Blending warm and cool tones within the one brick encourages flexibility, making styling options endless.

While Winter Frost and Coastal Storm colourways emphasise a moody depth, focusing on the light and dark elements of a singular natural grey shade. These thoughtful interpretations of Australian coastal landscapes allow the range to be integrated seamlessly and harmoniously into Australian homes. Embodying an innate contemporary style, these frosted tones create a sophisticated ambience reflective of a foamy ocean surface.

Incorporating gentle metallic finishes and natural contrasts, the Stratos Series range captures the moody tendencies of the coast. Employing a unique marbling technique, distinct tones and contrasting hues seamlessly blend to produce a range of naturally refined, yet texturally striking colourways. Crafted from clay and naturally occurring minerals, these raw materials cause each brick to have its own colour and texture variation, contributing to its authenticity.

The bricks within this range can work well as feature walls, highlights or large planes and help create engaging colour contrasts that will endure well beyond any fashion trends.

Exclusive to Brickworks, the new Austral Bricks, the Stratos Series range underpins the Australian coastal landscape through its subtle variegated tones and metallic texture.

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