Bathroom Renovation – 5 Possible Issues

26 February 2018

Your creative bathroom renovation can quickly turn into a nightmare when you’re not ready for possible problems. Even if you’re really skilled in this type of work, things can get out of hand and you can end up soaked in water because your pipes have burst. Not only will this stretch out your renovation, but it will also leave you with unnecessary costs. Thus, it’s important that you learn about the most common issues in order prepare for the unexpected.

Old, corroded or damaged plumbing system

It’s not uncommon, especially if your house is old, to come across old, corroded or damaged plumbing. Corroded cast iron, galvanised drains and copper supply lines with corroded joints may cause serious plumbing issues. If your pipes are damaged or corroded, replacing them might be the safest option. Otherwise, your bathroom may be at risk of flooding in case your pipes burst. In addition, if there’s sediment formed in your pipes, the water pressure will be significantly reduced. While flexible PEX plumbing is a relatively easy DIY way to fix this problem, if you don’t have experience in the field, leave this job to professional plumbers.


One of the most common problems in the bathroom is mould, especially if you live in a hot country, such as Australia, and in a region with high humidity levels. Humidity and high temperature can promote the growth of mould, especially in the bathroom which is typically damp. Since mould can cause serious health problems, such as coughing, wheezing, respiratory irritations, etc., you need to check your bathroom for mould before and during your renovation and eliminate it. Although you may sense a musty smell, a much better indicator are black spots on the wall. It’s advisable that you open up the drywall if you think you have mould. Paper fibre in drywall, along with moisture, is a great place for mould since it feeds on it. Once you open up the drywall, you may see black, white or green fuzzy-looking carpet. In this case, you should apply different steps to remove mould or contact a mould removal company.

Tap and toilet replacement

During your renovation, you may come across leaks around your taps or toilet. This is a major source of water loss and it can increase the humidity levels in your bathroom, so you need to repair those leaks. While in some cases, you’ll be able to plug the leaks on your own, in other, you may need to replace the toilet or taps completely, which is a job for the experts. If you’ve accidentally damaged your toilet and taps, you should contact a reliable plumber immediately because this can lead to major floods and further damage. For example, a professionally trained plumber in West Ryde can respond to emergencies and help you out during your bathroom renovation. Thus, you should find a skilled professional in your area and have their contact information nearby during the remodel.

Poor drainage

Drainage issues are often one of the reasons why some homeowners decide to renovate their bathrooms. If water pools in the sink, shower or toilet, you probably have a drainage problem. The problem becomes even more serious if the seal in the shower is improperly installed and water starts leaking out on the floor. If this is just about clogged pipes, you can easily unclog them, but if the problem is more serious, you should call a plumber.

Ventilation issues

Your bathroom ventilation system should function properly and contain both an exhaust fan and outside vent. A functioning ventilation system is essential for eliminating moisture and decreasing humidity. If your mirror fogs over and your drywall starts sweating after showering, it means that your ventilation may be damaged. While a damaged fan or blocked vent is easy to repair, you will need to seek professional help if your vent has been poorly installed and left as a closed system.  

By learning about the most common issues during a bathroom renovation, you’ll be able to anticipate certain problems and fix them before they cause damage.

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