bathroom underflowing

I am planning a reno/extension - should i put cement sheeting (19mm) as underfloor structure in bathroom, then waterproof and tile
can I use yellow tongue, 6mm cement sheeting on top and waterproof?

should I use cement sheeting on the walls for tiling or is Aquacheck plasterboard (13mm) suitable for wall tiling?

thanks so much Jonathan

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Jonathan Zion

Hi Jonathan,

According to Andrew Golle, who is a qualified Cert III Construction Waterproofer and managing director of Armont Rectification Builders, 19mm cement sheeting is preferred as a monolithic single product. Yellow tongue and then glued and screwed 6mm F/C sheeting is acceptable but not as good. In any case fully waterproof to required DFT.

Wet area cement sheeting, such as Hardies villaboard is preferable over paper faced water resistant board. Doesn’t damage as easily when removing a tile. Handles larger format tiles better and will not deteriorate, as exposed gypsum will when exposed to moisture.

Please consult with your local supplier and follow specifications to the letter. No internal setting compounds, for example. You must use wet area base coat.

Consider engaging a licenced builder in your state or territory, and a Cert III qualified waterproofer to install membranes.

We hope this helps!

The BUILD team.