Beat the Heat with the Best Blinds and Shutters for Sun Rooms

29 March 2020

Sun Rooms are simply that idyllic spot in your home where you can enjoy the cooling caresses of an air conditioner, while literally being outdoors! Its airy, it’s comfortable, and it’s the most popular room in your home! 

Sun Rooms are very common in homes these days, especially if you love entertaining a crowd during the summer months, and want to keep them away from the glaring heat of the sun, but also want them to enjoy the beauty of summer. It’s also the perfect place to curl up with a good book, or enjoy those lazy days with absolutely nothing to do. While you would like to keep the heat out of your Sun Room, it does not mean that you need to keep the light away too. This is one of the reasons that using Blinds and Shutters is ideal for Sun Rooms. 

So, what do you need in your Sun Room to beat the heat? What kind of window treatment would be best to give you relief from that scorching summer sun? If you are searching for suitable Blinds and Shutters in Sydney, then there a few options that you should consider that will help you reduce the burning heat of the sun coming into your Sun Room. 

PVC Plantation Shutters for Sydney homes are a great choice because they are very durable, easy to clean and they control the amount of light that seeps into the room. It is also a great choice to give you the privacy you need. Since Sun Rooms generally consist of full height windows, the ideal type of Plantation Shutter would be Tracked Plantation Shutters or Full Height Plantation Shutters. The choice is up to you. Plantation Shutters are very adaptable. You can keep them either open or closed to control the amount of light and heat you want in the room, and of course they are a type of shutter that gives a certain degree of classical ambiance to the room. 

For those who might prefer to go with a less expensive option, Venetian Blinds are also a great choice. Made out of aluminium or wood, Venetian Blinds can be made with different sized slats. Tilting the slats will control the light and hence the heat that comes into the room, while fully closed slats can completely block out the sun. Venetian Blinds can be motorized for easier use. 

Another option for Blinds and Shutters in Sydney, which is of course is one that is of least cost is Vertical Blinds, operated once again through a cord mechanism. Vertical Blinds are a very popular type of window treatment, because it is easy to control the light and heat that comes into the room, by moving the slats. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, and easy to use. 

In Sydney, Roller Blinds are also a simple yet excellent type of window treatment to keep the heat out, because they are made out of fabric. There are many types of fabric that can be used for these blinds, including solar material, which reflects the light and heat. Roller Blinds use a solid sheet of fabric and hence it is much more effective (and less costly) in reducing heat.   

There is also a third option in Blinds, which is the Vision Blind. Vision Blinds are a cross between roller blinds and venetian blinds that consist of dual layers that move according to your requirement of light in the room. You can move the slats around in order to gain total black out or block out the sun partially depending on how the slats are positioned on the layers. It is a great option to have absolute light and heat control, as well as privacy control.