Beaumont Tiles launches first timber and stone look Hybrid Collection

09 May 2022

Beaumont Tiles has launched a new Hybrid Collection across its store network, as part of its commitment to making renovations accessible and affordable for all homeowners.

It’s the first non-ceramic flooring offered in the company’s 62-year history, marking a genuine milestone for the company’s product range.

Taking on the best features of most other flooring categories such as laminate floating floors and vinyl planks, the Hybrid Collection is an innovation in flooring technologies. It offers authentic timber and stone designs with scratch resistance, plus hygienic and waterproof properties, and is well-suited to a variety of applications.

Beaumont Tiles’ national buyer, Dean Booker, says the expansion of the brand offering was in answer to feedback from customers who wanted Beaumont to be their one-stop-shop for renovation needs.

“The new Hybrid Collection was specifically chosen to meet this demand. After three years of developing our decors and range, we are proud to offer Aussies a hybrid product that is both beautiful and reflective of the quality our customers expect. The ethos of Beaumont’s has always been to exceed the industry standard, and hybrid flooring achieves this by combining pleasing aesthetics with superior technical performance.”

Beaumont’s Hybrid Collection is highly practical, offering customers a diverse range of lightweight, easy-to-install flooring options perfect for many tastes and budgets.

“The new collection is an ideal choice for spaces with pre-existing floors needing to be covered over,” Dean adds, “It’s easy to install and forgiving for first-time renovators, or those without access to professional trades.

Beaumont’s Hybrid Collection comprises two core technologies – SPcore and Isocore. Each provides a lightweight, easy to handle and install floor covering option, making them perfect for fast-moving projects. 

Key Features include:

  • 100% waterproof.
  • Odour-proof, Low VOC, scratch, and stain resistant – perfect for homes with pets and kids.
  • Durable, locking system for easy DIY installation with low maintenance.
  • Temperature resistant, suitable for extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Antibacterial surface that protects from harmful bacteria and reduces the formation of mould and mildew – perfect for kitchens and laundry areas for improved hygiene.
  • Wide range of 60 decors across 12 styles in timber and stone look.

 The Beaumont Tiles Hybrid Flooring category will be expanding in the coming months with the addition of new innovative products and technology.


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