Benefits of Cypress Timber

12 February 2019

Since early construction, timber has been the foundation for humanity's engineering and manmade marvels. It is a spectacular and versatile natural material and boasts a vast degree of variety in colour, texture and naturally occurring properties. This diversity can be distinctly unique even among batches of the same species.

Why Cypress?

Cypress in particular is an economical and sustainable softwood timber, and is abundant across areas in NSW and QLD. The highly durable species is naturally termite resistant making it ideal for building and construction applications such as cladding, fencing and landscaping, while the features of cypress timber creates an appealing and unique flooring product.


Often confused with hardwoods, white cypress is a softwood timber species that can grow up to a height of 25 mtres and a stem diameter of 0.6 metres. In contrast to a creamy-white band of sapwood, the heartwood of cypress has a diverse spread of colour, from light yellow through orange to light brown, with occasional dark brown streaks. Its grain is generally straight with a very fine and even texture. The presence of numerous tight knots is a distinctive feature that produces a strikingly decorative figure on exposed faces.


In terms of hardness, white sypress is a firm timber and is capable of being machined into a smooth, fine finish. Pre-drilling is recommended for hand nailing seasoned timber, although machine nailing with shear-point nails works well. White cypress readily accepts most standard coatings, stians and polishes. Special techniques, such as surface roughening are required for gluing.

Timber Application

White Cypress cannot be overstated enough for its versatility as a construction material. It can usually be found as sawn timber in framework and other aspects of general building construction. It is generally used as flooring, cladding, and fencing material. It can also be applied for decorative purposes such as quality indoor and outdoor furniture, turnery, joinery, carving, parquetry and linings. 

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