Best Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney

20 May 2020

Honeycomb blinds in Sydney are ideal for those homes with odd-shaped, or non-standard shaped windows, as they are a very flexible type of blind. Honeycomb blinds Sydney are also referred to as Cellular Blinds. 

These blinds are made up of one continuous sheet of fabric which rolls up and folds up along the pleats, causing the fabric to bond together to form a honeycomb-shaped cell. Honeycomb blinds in Sydney are perfect for extreme Australian weather since the fabrics used for these are non-woven bonded polyester, which is ideal for insulation. Hence these blinds reduce heat during hot summer months but are able to retain warmth during the cold winter months. Many companies that do blinds and shutters in Sydney offer an array of fabrics suitable for specific requirements, such as sheer fabrics, light filtering fabric, and metalized block out fabrics. If you are looking to get honeycomb blinds in Sydney for sliding doors, then the best option would be to go for vertical honeycomb blinds. 

Suppliers will offer different options of cell sizes for honeycomb blinds in Sydney. Smaller cells offer a more traditional pleated blind or shade, and gives the room a very cosy feel to it, whereas larger cells offer a more contemporary and elegant look and are ideal for large windows or doors. 

There are several good companies that offer honeycomb blinds in Sydney, however keep in mind when you are choosing your supplier, to choose someone who is backed by experience and know-how, and a great after sales service. 

Some of the suppliers of blinds and shutters Sydney offering some of the best honeycomb blinds are:

  • Vision Blinds and Shutters
  • Marlow & Fitch
  • Honeycomb Blinds