The Best Soundproof Curtains for the Home

09 March 2021

Are you living in a noisy neighborhood or close to a roadway, or living in the city? Then you must be wondering how you can get some peaceful noise-free time in your home. 

For those people who are looking to soundproof their home, there are many types of blinds and shutters in Sydney that can be installed specifically for this purpose, however for those of us who have limited budgets, one of the best options to go for are soundproof curtains. 

What makes the best soundproof curtains? 

Fabric type – Certain heavy fabrics are best for soundproofings, such as Polyester, suede, and Velvet (opaque), as are thermally insulated fabrics. Thermalayer curtains are one of the best for sound absorption.

Length and coverage – Full-length curtains that don’t leave room for air or sound to move out are best for soundproofing a room. When measuring your windows for curtains, if you really want them to be soundproof, you should remember to make them just a few inches wider and longer than the window measurements, in order to achieve the best soundproofing.

Thickness – Fabric density makes a huge difference when it comes to soundproofing a room. Thick fabrics are ideal for this purpose. In order to increase density, you can also put in several layers of fabric for your curtaining.

Lining – Adding a thick lining to your curtains is also a great way of creating soundproofing curtains in Sydney. A thick layer of lining makes the curtains thicker and denser.

Noise-reducing blackout curtains – Sound barrier curtains in Sydney are very popular with those people who want to soundproof a studio or music room. These are very much similar to blackout fabrics but made to create a sound barrier which neither allows sound to go out of the room nor for you to hear most outside sounds.