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I am over 6 feet (180 cm) tall and looking for a longer bath tub if possible.

My current tub is about 710-715 cm wide (or deep) at its widest/deepest and this part is OK - but at the moment i am a bit overweight and itis a BIT of a squeeze.

The tub i have is 1440 mm long/wide, at the maximum, and then there is a shelf at the end of it that is 320 mm wide/long.

Can i go to a tub that is 1700 long, and if it was a bit deeper it would be OK - the extra depth would make up for the lack of extra length.

I only want the tub for occasional 20-30 minute soaks for an occasional skin condition I have. Any ideas please ??

Thanks - Al

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Allan Smith

Hi Allan,

I'm about the same height, and this has always confused me - people are getting taller, and at the same time it feels like bathtubs are shrinking...

A 1700mm bath will be a huge improvement on what you've got - and most tubs that size are also a fair bit wider too, so breathing room won't be an issue. Having said that, it's worth noting that the measurements manufacturers use for bathtubs are taken from the absolute outer edges of the tub, including the width of the lip / rim on each end. Just because you're 180cm tall, it doesn't mean a 170cm tub will be as comfortable as you'd like...

1800mm and even 1850mm bathtubs aren't uncommon - and I suspect most people over 6 feet would be more relaxed in something around that size. Your best bet is to get into a bathroom showroom and do a proper dry run on a few different tubs to see what suits you. Changing your bathtub's not a small job, make sure you're getting something you'll be happy with.


A couple of other things to consider:

1. Freestanding bathtubs are generally bigger than inset bathtubs, but they're also more expensive.
2. If possible, it's much better to find a tub with the waste in about the same place as the one you're replacing - especially if you've got a concrete slab floor. This'll help save on unnecessary plumbing hassles and expenses.
3. Provided they're not in terrible shape, second hand tubs of all types (cast iron, steel and acrylic) can usually be resurfaced pretty quickly, effectively and cheaply. 

Best of luck,
The BUILD team. 



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