Brickworks launches Aussie-inspired masonry range

07 February 2022

Australian building product manufacturer, Brickworks, has announced the GB Veneer Arcadia, a masonry range inspired by the rich and diverse Australian landscape.

Designed to emulate the natural gradients and delicate colour variations found within Australia’s natural environment, the GB Veneer Arcadia masonry range offers mottled tones and raw, earthy textures. Available in four unique colourways, all named after different aspects of the Australian terrain, the GB Veneer Arcadia offers a classic sophistication suitable for a range of different spaces.

Brett Ward, general manager of international marketing at Brickworks says: “The GB Veneer Arcadia is a testament to the diversity of the Australian landscape, and Brickworks’ commitment to quality Australian design. Offering a striking raw texture and four distinct shades, this range captures the spirit of our rugged and varied natural landscape.”

Red Sand and Desert Sunrise are the lighter shades found within the range, offering soft natural tones that are incredibly versatile. Mimicking the hues of the Australian outback and balmy beach sunsets, these colours inject warmth into any space.

The Natural Earth and Smokey Grey colourways offer deeper alternatives, conveying charcoal grey tones and earthy, ochre hues. This considered interpretation of the Australian landscape allows for a seamless integration into a range of different spaces, including interiors and exteriors.

Featuring a subtle earthy texture, the Arcadia masonry range is crafted with precision and exemplifies a timeless aesthetic, blending cohesively with a range of different project styles. The range fuses modernity with a rich reconceptualization of the multifaceted history and nature within the Australian landscape.

Exclusive to Brickworks, the new GB Masonry’s GB Veneer Arcadia range is bound to enhance any space while remaining an ode to the natural beauty of Australia. To check out the range, please visit

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