A brief guide on Notched Trowels

18 November 2020

Notched trowels are one of the most essential tools of the construction industry. It is basically a blade made using cold rolled-steel; sometimes it is also made from stainless steel. Its handle is made using vinyl or wood.  The front side of the blade has notches while the back is smooth. They are majorly used to spread the adhesive on the surface, mostly on hardwood floors. It is used by construction workers for tasks like leveling, combing, scooping,  spreading, etc. It is also used to install tiles and hardwood as it provides better tile adhesion.

Notched Trowels

One of the main functions of these trowels is to scoop and spread the mortar or adhesive on a smooth surface. These notched trowels make the entire job of applying the material extremely easy. You can apply as much as the material you want but they will spread it evenly on the surface. They also allow the creation of spaces between mortar lines to let the air escape. If air gets trapped in the tiles, it will crack and damage them later while trying to expand or escape.


There are majorly three types of notched trowels that are available in the market and those are as follows: 

  • V: It is used to install wooden floors on walls or vertical surfaces.  These can be used perfectly for lightweight trowels such as mosaics. 
  • U: It is similar to square notched trowels and can be used to install vinyl flooring installations. While it dispenses less amount of mortar than square notched trowels, it finds the best usage in works that do not require a full and solid bed formation. 

Notched Trowels


  • Square: It can be used to install both square and vinyl floorings. These have either rectangular or square notches. They create rows with flat spaces and they allow more amount of mortar than V-notch trowels.


Getting the right-sized trowel is crucial to finish the job perfectly. The size and type of the notched trowel are decided by the usage of these tools and the type of installation you have in mind. They are available in different sizes and widths. You can buy any one as per your needs. You will also have to consider the size of the notch that is required. In the square and U notched trowels, the width and depth of the teeth are the same. For example, a 1/2” square notched trowel will create a 1/2” tall x 1/2” wide notch. Whereas V notched trowels are sold by the depth and distance between two “V” s.  If you are working on the tight spaces you will need a smaller trowel while if you are working on the façade then you will need a bigger trowel.

Other things to consider:

Other than size, you have to also consider the number of sides of the trowel that are notched and the handle type. Make sure to test the trowel before buying. It should feel comfortable when you are holding it.  If it is too heavy for your hands, will get tired easily and may feel sore.  It is better to buy an expensive and comfortable trowel than buying a cheap and heavy one for your own good. It is always better to buy a notched trowel that has one side flat as it provides the trowel its versatility.

Notched Trowels

 You can find notched trowels of different brands online as well as in physical stores. But make sure that you don’t buy a cheap product as it won’t last long and you will end up wasting your money. Before buying them read reviews and understand if they are comfortable to use or not. Make sure to take care of them as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 


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