British Paints Colour Specialist shares how to turn the outside entertainment area into a winter warmer landscape

25 May 2023

Making an outside entertainment area look cosy and inviting during the cold isn’t always easy. To help ensure your entertainment area still brings in the company, British Paints colour specialist Shirley Platcher shares how to turn an outside entertainment area into a winter warmer landscape.

In creating a cosy outdoor entertaining space for winter, Shirley says selecting the appropriate furniture and décor becomes a breeze once the function of your outdoor space is determined.

“Enhance the warmth and allure of the area by incorporating warm neutral colours like British Paints Solid Stone on the walls, or adding a splash of vibrancy with feature colours such as British Paints Green Relic or Space Capsule,” Shirley says.

“Harmonise the chosen colours with other elements in the space and infuse pops of vibrancy through throws, cushions or decorative pots. Prioritise comfortable seating and purposeful lighting, enhancing the ambiance with feature pendants or hanging lanterns.For choosing the best colours for a cosy outdoor space, Shirley says warm neutrals and soothing greys are “great colours to use outdoors to elevate and create a warm and inviting space”.

“Explore the subtle vibrance of mid-tone neutrals like British Paints Primal Instinct and Winter Grey, adding a touch of colour without overwhelming,” Shirley says.

“For a bolder statement, consider the deep elegance of British Paints Grey Tablelands. These captivating hues provide the perfect backdrop for your greenery, transforming your outdoor area into a welcoming sanctuary.”

In addition to colours and paints, Shirley says furniture and décor can impact the mood and size of a space when that selection of furniture and décor compliments the chosen colours.

“Opting for large, heavy and dark furniture can inadvertently shrink the space, whereas choosing sleek, light furniture will create an open and airy ambiance,” Shirley says.

“Ensure that seating arrangements are both comfortable and inviting and consider introducing pops of colour through cushions and throws.

“By skilfully mixing and matching furniture and colours, you can curate a stunningly eclectic space.”

Lastly, Shirley believe feature walls are a good way to refresh and change the look and feel of a space as changing the accent colours is simple and likely “the quickest and cost-effective way to rejuvenate and refresh your home”.

“Depending on the mood you are trying to achieve, these feature wall colours can cover the entire hue spectrum from soft muted tones to bright bold colours. For outdoors, try the 4 Seasons Low Sheen Exterior Paint and indoors the Clean and Protect Low Sheen Interior Paint.”

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