BUILD home maintenance schedule

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To keep your house looking great - and to prevent serious damage - it really pays to constantly perform a bit of routine maintenance. Some tasks will have to be done monthly, whereas others (normally the bigger jobs) may only need to be done once every five or ten years. Staying on top of these jobs might seem like a pain, but it'll pay off massively in the long run when it comes to the condition of your house.

To make things easier, we've put together a home maintenance schedule. This list contains the fundamentals for home maintenance, and if you do your best to stick to it, you'll reap the rewards a few years down the track.

Fill in some dates, adapt it for your needs, print it, stick it on the fridge - whatever it takes to make it work for your house. We hope you find our schedule useful, and definitely encourage you to share it if you do!

  • Once you've filled in the schedule, set up some recurring entries on a calendar service like Outlook, iCalendar or Google Calendar. You can set things up so that you receive regular reminders, either via SMS (Google Calendar allows this) pop-up alerts or emails