Building a New House: 7 Essentials to Make It Functional and Modern

06 November 2019


Many people think that building a home is pretty straightforward, but if you want something functional and modern, there are many things to consider. From your roof to your color palette, you need to find a way to make your space practical and cozy yet gorgeous—that’s not an easy task. Since you’ll probably hire an architect, here’s what to tell them to concentrate on when creating your modern house. 

Opt for a simple floor plan

One of the main things to concentrate on when building your new house is the layout and the shape of your future home. If you want to take a modern route, make sure to spend some extra time on this step. Usually, traditional homes have a weird layout where rooms are organized in a very haphazard way. Some parts of the house look logical, while others look squeezed into whatever space was left. But, modern homes have a clear, intentional organization that provides good circulation, symmetry and logical progression of rooms. The result is not only practical but also beautiful and very simple. 

Open up the space

Traditionally, homes used to have distinct rooms all separated from each other with walls and doors. For instance, the kitchen, dining room and living room all used to be their own, separate spaces. However, modern houses opened their floor plan and allowed spaces to flow into one another. Typically, living rooms are open to the kitchen and dining area and they create one big space perfect for entertaining, watching the kids and enjoying your home. So, if you’re aiming for a modern design that encourages socialization and comfort, open floor plans are made just for you. 


Choose a simple roof design

Modern homes are characterized by simple roof forms and flat roofs while people a few decades ago usually chose gabled and pitched designs. Since today, people have multiple spaces put under the same continuous roof form, you don’t need that traditional in and out articulation of the exterior wall that goes hand in hand with the pitched roof design. So, make sure to simplify your roof and you’ll not only achieve a modern look but also provide yourself with more freedom when it comes to the floor plan. 

Take care of your outdoor spaces 

You’re probably planning to have a beautiful driveway with some greenery on the sides. That’s a timeless design that will always be modern, but it does require some planning. In order to ensure good irrigation, you need to install a large PVC conduit under the driveway. In case you notice any issues with your existing piping, make sure to call guys from Super Drains to handle your blocked drains. These experts don’t even have to dig through your garden, driveway or landscaping thanks to their new techniques of trenchless pipe relining which saves money and time. Plan things like drain cleaning, irrigation and driveway position well in advance—these are true essentials for every home. 

Invest in big windows

Modern homes usually go big on windows and ditch those small punched opening or double hung sash windows. It’s not unusual today to have large glass panels, sometimes taking up the entire wall! Connection to the outdoors is very important in modern design, but the natural light you’ll get with your big windows will blow your mind! 

Go big and bold with storage

Modern and practical spaces have a place for everything. Clutter-free living is the most desired type of living right now and you can easily achieve that in your new home by using built-in cases, plenty of cabinets and shelving and modern, double-duty furniture systems. Choose something with clean lines and very simple details (floating shelves and full-faced, flat cabinet fronts). 


Neutral colors are the way to go

When designing your new home, think about lightness and airiness. Spaces should be clean and fresh with plenty of natural lighting. While you can achieve that with a good layout and big windows, your color palette can also help. Take a light, neutral color route with only a few bolder splashes of color to break the monotony. 

These are just some of the most beloved modern home elements, but nothing is written in stone. Since you’re lucky to be building your home from scratch, you can make it 100% your own, but keep these essentials in mind if you’re aiming for a contemporary look and practical design. 

Derek Lotts writes about décor, gardening, recycling and everything related to home improvement. He thinks all these fall under self-improvement. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment. He blogs regularly at Smoothdecorator.