Buyers guide to conveyancing

25 June 2021

A conveyancer will make sure that both you and the vendor are complying with your legal obligations, and that your rights are protected .

The role of the conveyancer is to:

  • Advise on any title defects or restrictions that may affect your ownership and future use of the property¬†
  • Ensure you have a clear chain of title by searching for all registered interests in land, including mortgages, leases and easements. The conveyancer will also verify whether there are any outstanding court applications in relation to the property;
  • Check that your ownership of land is clear and ascertainable. This will involve searching public records such as deeds, titles or encumbrances
  • Identify any potential disputes over boundaries with neighbours;
  • Ensure you are registering a mortgage on time, which may help avoid penalties if you default on your loan.

The  buyers guide to conveyancing is to:

  • Get a mortgage in principle
  • Choose the right conveyancer
  • Get your offered accepted
  • Be easily contactable
  • Don't be afraid to chase your conveyancer
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