Cable and rail light mounts

Cable mounted light 
Cable and rail lights can go where other lights can't.

In rooms that feature high ceilings or which require bright task lighting in a fairly specific place, a recessed downlight or traditional lamp may not be enough to provide adequate lighting in the area where it’s needed.

This is where track lighting comes into its own. Track lighting generally comes in one of two different forms – either mounted on a rail (fixed, horizontal lighting) or on a cable (vertical and movable, normally slung between two wires as shown here).


How cable lighting is used

Cable lighting in particular can play a role in many rooms of your home.

For example, a cable-mounted light can hang low over the dining table to provide better light for meal times. It can also feature in a garage, where movable lighting is useful. Likewise, if you have a pool table, often a low hanging light may be used to properly illuminate the table.


Adjustable track or cable lighting is often adjustable - both along its horizontal axis, and in terms of the direction in which the beam of light it emits is projected


How rail lighting is used

Rail lighting can offer a wider dispersion of light throughout a room, such as a kitchen. Track lighting is available for most styles of globes. Pendant track lighting, for example, is a popular style, especially for kitchen accent lighting. Further, halogen downlights and LED lamps are available and work well on low voltage tracks.