Caesarstone unleases Whitelight brilliance

14 February 2022


Caesarstone has created a new collection of eight surfaces, designed to keep up with the ever-evolving kitchen space.

Featuring four previous best-selling finishes, plus four new creations, ‘Whitelight’ is an inspiring mix of refined materials and a kaleidoscope of colour.

New to the range are Aterra Blanca, Arabetto, Adamina and Calacatta Maximus, while Vivid White, Statuario Maximus, White Attica and Empira White have proven to be perennial favourites in bathrooms and living spaces as well as kitchens.

Aterra Blanca is particularly understated with its quietly elegant misty white quartz surface and delicate tracery of earthy veins.  Inspired by natural marble, this surface has a textural appearance.

Arabetto, with its vibrant, energetic pattern of dark grey, jade and copper veining across the entirety of its polished pure white surface, imparts a sense of bold character to any space.

Adamina, inspired by natural sandstone, is a serene, soft blend of three shades of sand creating a beautiful, earthy complexion with depth and complexity. 

Empira White is a sophisticated marble-inspired quartz surface that features a pure white base authentically overlaid with deep, almost black veins in random sweeps to create a dramatic interplay between light and dark.

White Attica is all about bold simplicity, exuberance and character with its brilliant white base overlaid with rich blue-black veins.  It’s the perfect contrast for natural timber and rubbed or brushed metals.

Vivid White – for the purist among us – is the purest of whites with a luxurious reflective surface bringing timeless sophistication to contemporary minimalist interior spaces.

Statuario Maximus is an everyday masterpiece, a mesmerising interplay of broad, warm veining and delicate traceries in a palette of greys on a soft white base. Statuario Maximus is always the hero in whatever context it is used and works beautifully with a broad range of architectural styles and colour palettes.

Calacatta Maximus has quickly achieved cult status for those wanting to create a statement piece of furniture in terms of island bench and splashbacks. Its prominent veining, using oversized markings in soft greys and delicate copper, is enhanced by a pure white base.

The Caesarstone Whitelight Collection is a manmade material crafted to create long lasting design integrity and functionality. Made in Israel, all aspects of its creation have a focus on energy reduction, recyclability, durability and a commitment to the reduction of carbon emissions.

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