Can I install a hot water system under my house?

What are the rules in Brisbane around the location of a typical gas hot water cylinder. I need to move mine and I was wondering can I put it under the house (Queenslander on piles)?

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kirsty macpherson

Hello Kirsty

The answer is surprisingly complicated due to the requirement for more information.

The Australian Standard 5601:2013 lists various issues that such an installation may face - these can include (but are not limited to):

  • Restriction on appliance location,
  • Temperature limitation on nearby combustible surface,
  • Gas appliance support,
  • Adverse effect of air movement systems and
  • Terminal location.

All these need to be assessed on a case by case basis as every installation is different. In a case like this advice from a licenced plumber/gasfitter need to be sourced.

If you would like information about finding an appropriately licenced plumber/gasfitter in you area please contact MPAQ – 07 32730800

Kind regards,

Ernie Kretschmer
Technical Services Manager
Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland

Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland



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