Can Your Kitchen Cabinet Layout Fit a Kitchen Island?

21 February 2019

A kitchen island can add versatility and interest to your kitchen cabinet layout. A well designed island can be highly practical, adding dining space, additional workspace to make your kitchen more organised. However, if you have a smaller kitchen, before you buy kitchen cabinet doors, you need to check to see if your design can accommodate an island.

Kitchen Island Considerations

Before you dismiss adding a kitchen island to your kitchen cabinet layout, you need to check whether you have sufficient room. If your island is placed in too tight an area, you’re likely to have difficulty opening your kitchen cabinet doors, or it may be difficult for two people to work in the space. If your kitchen is too small to accommodate an island, you may need to look at island alternatives such as bar carts or butchers blocks that can be moved around to free up space.

Measure Clearance

Clearance is a crucial part of proper kitchen island placement. The clearance zone refers to the amount of space between your kitchen base cabinets and the island. There should be at least a metre to allow opening of cabinet doors and easy movement around the room. Don’t forget to consider other features of your kitchen, such as dishwasher openings to ensure that your island will not obstruct existing structures.

Maximise Efficiency with a Multifunction Island

If you do have a smaller kitchen, you can maximise the efficiency of your space with a multifunction island. When space is at a premium, your island will need to be practical, combining surface area, seating areas, storage or even a cooktop. It may even be possible to house a sink and your dishwasher in addition to cabinet space to really maximise the space.

The recommended size for a fixed island should be at least a metre squared with 90 millimetres of clearance. This can be a little snug for being used by two people, but it can be a perfect feature in a small kitchen that is mostly used by a solo cook.

Consider a Peninsula

If you are struggling to accommodate an island into your kitchen cabinet layout, a peninsula may provide a viable alternative. A peninsula is three sided with the wall at one end. This will take up less room than an independent island, while adding more storage and functionality. A peninsula is ideal for smaller kitchens where every centimetre is a precious resource.

Plan Well

Like any aspect of kitchen remodelling, an island requires careful planning, or you can make the whole project a stress filled problem. You’ll need to measure your room precisely to determine if you can accommodate an island. Even a small kitchen can benefit from including an island in the layout, but it is vital that you consider space, clearance, location, and design before you start the project to prevent a costly error.

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