Capture the flow with REFLEX from Paco Jaanson

22 March 2022


Renowned Italian architecture, interior and industrial design house, Pierattelli Architetture, have joined forces with IB Rubinetti bathroomware to create the contemporary REFLEX collection.

These modernistic designs take the analogy of a camera, capturing an idealistic water flow through shape and functionality.

The Pieratteli family hails from the city of Florence, Italy, and is well known for unique, functional and aesthetic designs. Bearing the resemblance of a camera lens, the REFLEX collection is displayed through a series of elegant tapware arrangements, that allow you to control the water supply through one swift movement. 

Reminiscent of adjusting the camera lens to alter focus, the REFLEX series mimics this tool through a ribbed ring design, differing in every piece. Analogies to the camera can be found not only in the design, but in the functionality.

To experience your ideal water flow and temperature, simply tune the ring for your desired effect.

The collection features timeless pieces in wall-mounted spouts, manhole wash basin mixers, shower mixers and bidet mixers, all available in 12 different finishes including Chrome, Brass, Gold and more.

Capture the perfect water flow with IB Rubinetti REFLEX Collection. Available at Paco Jaanson now.


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