I have employed a builder to remove the two centre piers on my carport, which is under the main roof of the house.
I asked them to replace the concrete footings and 2 remaining brick piers, at the corners, with steel support posts. as I don't know the condition of the footings.They haven't done this and and have used the existing concrete footings with dyna bolts.The posts they have installed are only 3mm thick walls.The contract was verbally agreed and they are claiming that there was no mention of the above work and that it isn't needed.
Should I be concerned and where do I go from here if I should be.
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Hi Ian,
Thanks for your question.

Now that the work has been done, not having a contract in writing (with details of the work to be done) is to your disadvantage.

Assuming the contractor does have a builders licence – which should be clearly stated on their invoice - if you can reference their licence number, you can check with your local State Building Authority (who issue builder/trade licences) if they are properly qualified to do this work you have outlined. But don’t expect the Authority to come out and physically do the checking for you.

If you are concerned about the safety of the work that has been done, we would suggest you have a building engineer/surveyor take a look at the work. If you don’t know of an engineer/surveyor, call into the building department at your local council – they should be able to point you in the direction of such a person.

Hope this helps.