Ceiling roses


What is a ceiling rose?

A ceiling rose is a type of decorative moulding, normally designed to surround the central light fitting. They are also known as centrepieces, rosettes and ceiling medallions.

Ceiling roses


What are ceiling roses for?

Ceiling roses were once used to conceal a ceiling’s ventilation grills. These grills allowed smoke from pre-electricity lighting to escape the room. These days though, they have no real functional purpose (unless you count hiding cracks in ceiling plaster). Ceiling roses simply add to the decor and colour scheme, and help to evoke a particular era or feel inside your home. They might also work to highlight or complement your light fittings.

What are ceiling roses made from?


Traditionally, ceiling roses are made from plaster. Brass, tin and chrome ceiling roses are not uncommon either, but the current shift towards alternative materials means that many are now made from polymer-based products.

Compared to roses made from polymer-based products, plaster roses are quite fragile and have a tendency to crack over time. The flexibility of polymer-based products allows the ceiling roses to be cast into more intricate moulds than when using plaster as well. The resulting ceiling roses are easier to paint, as well as being lighter and therefore easier to install. Some home builders and renovators shy away from the polymer version as they see them as less genuine than the plaster roses. Of course, this is a matter of personal choice.

What types of ceiling roses are there?

Ceiling roses come in all manner of shapes, styles and sizes. Although there are never any hard and fast rules in decorating, some things to take into account when choosing a ceiling rose might include:

  • size of the room - a large ceiling rose might overwhelm a small room
  • height of the ceiling - a small ceiling rose might not make enough of an impact on a high ceiling
  • style of the decor - ornate ceiling roses might clash with an otherwise minimalist decor
  • budget - large and ornate ceiling roses are more expensive

Some ceiling roses are painted entirely in one colour, whereas others have individually painted features. One recommendation for choosing a ceiling rose is to test the size and shape with a paper template before you commit.

Does every room need ceiling roses?

A large, ornately decorated room with high ceilings is likely to be well complemented by a ceiling rose. You might choose to install different sized ceiling roses throughout your entire home, or just in one or two rooms. Your personal taste and your budget are the only two factors which hold any real sway over whether a room should or shouldn't have a ceiling rose installed.

Do all homes have ceiling roses?

Ceiling roses are traditionally found in houses with interiors that lean towards the ‘maximal’ (as opposed to minimal) decorating styles. These might include Victorian, Edwardian, Federation and Art-Deco styled interiors. Ceiling roses are available in many different sizes and designs though, so if you have your heart set on installing one, you are likely to find a design to suit your tastes.