Choosing the perfect outdoor tiles to make the most of summer at home

15 June 2022

Summer is approaching and it would be natural to spend more time outdoors. Think Barbeque in the backyard, poolside evenings, or outdoor gatherings on sunny days. So, it’s time you create those vacation spots in your house and enjoy the benefits for many years to come. Here are the tips to choose the perfect outdoor tiles and the best ones for you.

1. Durability first
Wouldn’t you want your outdoor tiles to last long? With the garden picnics and backyard get-togethers, your patio tiles are naturally exposed to traffic. Choose outdoor tiles that are robust enough to withstand wear & tear. Outdoor tiles are more prone to scratches, damages, cracks, moisture exposure, staining, and so on when compared to indoor tiles. Dragging heavy furniture, using barbeque setups, and foot traffic is usually expected. Make sure while picking tiles for outdoors, you check with your tiler for the durability of the tiles and their strength. Granite is considered among the most durable outdoor tiles, least affected by heat, heavy objects, or traffic. They last long and are robust enough to endure extreme wear & tear.

2. Light and weather conditions
Installing tiles outdoors means they are exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, snow/freeze-thaw cycles, dust, and more. If your outdoor spaces are exposed to direct sunlight, the colour of natural stones is prone to fading. They might lose their shine and start looking worn out. The extreme heat of the sun might cause the outdoor tiles to heat up, making it impossible to walk on. In the worst case, they might even crack. On the other hand, dust, or moisture acts as a catalyst for the deformity of tiles. Imagine your patio tiles soaking in water and getting damaged within a short period. Dust, moisture, and natural elements might cause algae growth and displacement of the tiles. Therefore, choose your tiles wisely. Especially your patio tiles, since you would spend a lot of time outdoors. Go for weather-resistant tiles and seal them for protection. In such cases, go for Slatestone. This natural stone is perfect as patio tiles since it is durable, moisture-resistant, and has high weather resistance.

3. Consider slip resistance and texture
With kids and elderlies at home and guests gathering at your place, it makes more sense to be cautious about tiles’ slip resistance. Whether your patio tiles are in a covered place, or you’ve laid outdoor tiles around a pool, slipping hazards can occur anywhere. Remember, safety should your highest priority. To avoid this high-risk situation, ask for the outdoor tiles’ slip rating from your landscaper or stone supplier. Outdoor tiles are often exposed to moisture that may lead to injuries. Either go for tiles with a higher slip rating or go for the textured ones for everyone’s safety. Slip rating is always available with stone suppliers or tilers.

Limestone patio tiles are highly recommended due to their natural slip resistance that comes from their texture. They are suitable for patios, backyards, and porch because of their durability, insulating properties, and beautiful aesthetics.

4. Low maintenance
When choosing the right patio tiles or outdoor tiles, it is essential to keep in mind the maintenance needs. The ease of maintenance and cleaning is an important factor to consider, given the tiles will be exposed to traffic, dirt, moisture, or staining. The tiles should be sealed to give them a protective layer and prevent damage from moisture or stains. If the tiles are light in colour, naturally stains would show up quickly. The most recommended outdoor tiles are Bluestone tiles owing to their low maintenance, resilience, and slip-resistance.

5. Colour and aesthetics
The outdoor space of your home reflects your personality. You naturally want these places to be relaxing, calming, and beautiful since these are where you would spend most of your summer in. Be it your patio, courtyard, or balcony, they should complement the style of your house. If you are planning to make the outdoor space luxurious and bright, Marble tiles are the best. With highly light-reflective properties, marble makes small spaces look bigger and brightens dark corners. The vein patterns across the natural stone give a unique appearance, hence creating natural and fresh exteriors. Marble tiles from Stone Depot are anti-slip, giving you an extra benefit. However, for natural stones, do not forget to apply sealant before using them.
You can also think of Travertine for patio tiles. No two travertine stones would ever be similar, which makes them unique. The naturally occurring holes offer a rugged appearance to the surface. The holes also offer traction to the stone, making it slip-resistant and suitable for outdoor pool surrounds as well. You only need to seal the stone before installing them outdoors.

Summing up
There are other factors like budget, area of installation, and availability of the stone in your area. However, once you know which factors to consider, it will be easier for you to decide. We hope this guide proves handy while you choose outdoor or patio tiles and make your home summer-ready.

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