Combining rough and sleek makes Industrial a winner

05 June 2020

Industrial living room.

The Aussie lifestyle is ever-changing but the Industrial style of interior design remains timeless, according to Sydney-based interior designer Miriam Pinkney.

Industrial was the most searched for style in every territory in Australia, proving that since its rise to popularity in the 2000s it continues to capture the attention of Australian homeowners.

“The open plan style is timeless and versatile, which is why it is favoured amongst the Aussie lifestyle. Aesthetically, the style combines raw and rough with sleek and streamlined, and has a high focus on the blend between old and new.”

Industrial bathroom.

She adds that the use of exposed brickwork, weathered timbers, mixed metals, and earthy tones allow spaces to feel larger due to the pared-back nature of the design style.

The prevalence of rattan furniture is also, she says, a timeless trend due to its ability to remain visually appealing without excessive cleaning.

“This timeless trend originated in the bohemian 1970s and provides a myriad of styles and optional finishes, meaning it is perfect for numerous design styles.”

Finally, Miriam is not surprised that the kitchen was the most searched for room when it came to seeking inspiration.

Industrial kitchen.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is the social hub and core to family or communal living. Kitchen design is integral to the overall aesthetic of a home’s interior, not only tying together all rooms of the house but tying people together as well.

“It has evolved to be an impressive statement and representation of residents who live there. The diversity of kitchen design allows us to create beautiful and unique spaces for us to socialize, eat and cook together.”

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