Common Glass Types Available in The Market

28 October 2023


Common Glass Types Available in The Market

Glass is one of the most commonly used items in any home. It can be used at various places like shower doors, glass balustrades, stair railings, glass partitions etc. Whatever room you consider you will surely find glass made fixtures whether it is a living room, kitchen or a bathroom. Due to its functionality, it can be used anywhere. You can get it in any shape, size or color. Here are some of the common glass types you can consider according to your requirements.

Clear Glass

A clear glass is the most commonly used glass. Due to its clear look it can fit with any color theme or environment. Basically there are two types of glass available in the market. One is clear annealed glass and the other is clear tempered glass.

Annealed Glass

It is the cheapest type of glass with basic features. However as compared to tempered glass it is a bit less in strength and durability. It is made by simply cutting a glass sheet and doesn't go through the toughening process due to which it doesn't offer safety features. When an annealed glass breaks it shatters in large and sharp pieces. 

Tempered Glass

This glass is made by toughening the annealed glass at a high temperature. When a panel of annealed glass is ready it goes through the furnace which heats the glass at a specific temperature which turns simple annealed glass into toughened glass. A tempered glass is two times stronger than annealed glass and also more resistant to scratches. It is also a safer option as compared to annealed glass because it breaks in small pieces which are easy to collect without any risk of injury. 

Frosted Sandblasted Glass

It is a type of obscure glass which is semi transparent with a milky white look. It is popular where privacy is required such as bathroom windows, shower doors etc. It is made by sandblasting the glass with the help of acid etching. 

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is popular where a color tint is required on the glass. Bronze and gray are the most common tint colors available in the market however you can get a tinted glass in any color. This type of glass is popular in glass balustrades, table tops, shower doors and outdoor windows. Tinted glass helps reduce the UV light effects without blocking the sunlight.

 Back Painted Glass

As the name shows, back painted glass is simply made by painting the back side of glass in any color. You can get this glass in any color tone. This glass is popular to be used as splash backs in the kitchen and glass partitions. 

Crackled Glass

Crackled glass is a very unique type of glass which gives a look of broken glass. It is made by joining three panels of glass however the center glass piece is shattered to give it a crackled look. This glass type is very famous in glass balustrades and stair panels.

These were few common types of glass available in the market. You can consider these types according to your needs.


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