Composite windows

Composite windows 
Composite windows

What are composite windows?

Composite windows combine two or more framing materials to take advantage of the best features of each. The most common composite style available uses powder coated aluminium for the outer frame with timber on the inside.

Combining these two materials provides the benefit of a strong and versatile window that can be customised for individual tastes.

The aluminium exterior provides a durable frame solution capable of withstanding outside weather conditions for many years.

Finishes are available in a vast range of powder coated colours to match the outside design of your home. In addition, the low maintenance benefit of a powder coated finish eliminates the need for regular painting.


Inside the home, timber window frames provide a warm, visual appeal. They can be supplied raw so you can choose to varnish, stain or paint to match each room’s unique colour scheme. Alternatively, frames can be pre-treated before the aluminium is bonded to the timber.

While it is a more expensive option, composite windows outperform standard aluminium frames with improved thermal performance. Timber is an inherently good insulator and its use in composite frames reduces heat loss and gain.


  • Interior colour flexibility
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Low maintenance for aluminium component
  • Expensive option