Contemporary London Interior Design

25 March 2020

 Would you like to have a London air in home decoration? Today we will take a journey to the heart of London and rediscover this classic decoration style. Contemporary London decoration is dizzy these days. In today's article we will tell you how to create this style.

The most iconic decor elements of the classic British style are used to create a new atmosphere in this style. London decoration combines historical traces with modern touches. In this way, wonderful rooms are created. It has a style and a certain purpose beyond this time; to be an inspiration for many years. It is obvious that this is a very stylish home decor style. Decoration suggestions, which we will talk about today, embrace London's historical elegance, and other elements and classic London colors. Of course, do not forget about colored patterned cotton fabrics, marbles and large gold mirrors. Thanks to these items, a noble and contemporary atmosphere will prevail in your home.

London Decoration and Architectural Features

Despite being a rediscovered interior design style, this new transformation in London decoration also contains some architectural components that define the city. Classical English moldings, windows, fireplaces, stairs and panels still exist. Of course, London style fireplaces mostly reflect the design features of the 20s. These designs are one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to contemporary London decoration with their timeless and sophisticated structures. Flooring walls and brass plates are also indispensable for traditional English decoration. Finally, let us point out that casement windows and historical details are among the classic elements of traditional London architecture.

Sophisticated Colors

Traditional London decoration has a unique color palette. This palette is still valid today. The event is blue: light blue and teal are the touchstone of London-style decoration. Even a little dark green and a little dark pink can add a nice nuance. Neutral tones that create contrast in the color palette peculiar to London decoration; Other shades such as rock gray and beige are some examples that we can mention. Besides base colors, strong bursts of color can also be the focal point. These colors create a great balance and always have an important place in the British interior design world. In short, these colors reflecting the spirit of London enable you to achieve a peaceful, sophisticated and timeless environment.

Contemporary London Style Furniture

It is important to use the right furniture to create a London-style atmosphere. Furniture should be compatible both in terms of aesthetics and size. If you want to make the right choice, furniture with rounded corners will be the most suitable choice. Also, keep in mind that London decoration is a mix of Art Deco and minimalism styles. Sofas should be inclined, tables should be round. A feminine and harmonious environment must be created. Also, modernized furniture using traditional materials is very important for such a style. Of course, marble tables should not be forgotten. Unlike traditional English decoration, contemporary London decoration uses items that are not particularly detailed. What matters rather than details is simplicity. As a result, heavy woods and trimmings are also in the background.

Turn Your Home into an Art Gallery with London Decoration

London has always been the center of art, and the creators of numerous trends have hosted many artists. Therefore, London-style decoration also attaches importance to art and turns rooms into art galleries. Large works of art, abstract monolithic sculptures and curved objects are well suited for this style. Collections that have been carefully assembled can be hung on the walls. In addition, large mirrors are some of the pieces you can think of as works of art. Luxury silk carpets are preferred in this style. Finally, decorative accessories complete the environment. Polished and hand-painted vases and fragrant candles can decorate your tables. You should be as careful as possible in your choices in order to create a nice whole from the pieces you put together.

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