Create a striking accent wall

08 September 2020

Creating the gold effect. Pic: Dulux Australia

Creating an accent or feature wall that will make a lasting impression in your home can be a daunting and unfamiliar task.

Whether it’s to inject playful colour into a child’s bedroom, or add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen, a textured feature wall is guaranteed to bring the ‘wow’ factor into your space. They have long been an affordable way to give a space a facelift.

Creating the glitter effect in silver. Pic: Dulux Australia

Dulux’s Design Effects range offers beautifully textured specialty paints that mimic the effects of otherwise expensive materials, making it easy to achieve a modern, contemporary room transformation that is bound to impress.

Dulux Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says when it comes to creating a feature wall, it should harmonise with existing colour and features.

“Consider the kitchen, for example; Dulux Design Stainless Steel Effect used on cabinetry will complement an already industrial-looking space, whereas the Dulux Design Suede Effect is more suited to creating a luxurious and moody feel – perfect for a formal living or dining room.

Creating the suede effect in black. Pic: Dulux Australia

“Other popular design trends we are seeing include concrete and metallic accents. Dulux Design Concrete Effect in Pale Elements in a casual living area or hallway entrance pairs beautifully with raw materials, such as timber, linen, wool, stone and leather; and Dulux Design Metallic Effect can be created as a contemporary backdrop for artwork.”

Whatever space you’re looking to enhance, it’s important to consider how exposed the room is to natural light as this will affect the textural features and impact of the accent wall, she says.

“If the Dulux Design Glitter Effect is your desirable effect, choose a room with an abundance of light – both natural and artificial – so you enjoy the most benefits from the luminescence,” she says.

Creating the glitter effect. Pic: Dulux Australia

“To optimise a feature wall’s impact on a space, colour consideration goes hand-in-hand with lighting. Like standard paint, always ensure you do a sample patch on large cardboard to see how it works alongside your fixtures, furniture and accessories before making the full commitment.”

Painting an accent wall using the Dulux Design Effect range is a simple and cost-effective project. To create textural interest on a feature wall, follow the design tips below to give your space a signature touch.

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