Creating luxurious looks with stand-out curves

06 November 2023

Think curves, textures, wall and ceiling detail, metals and neutrals with touches of colour. Current home design trends are focused on the elements that can make a dramatic difference to a home as well as offering a more comfortable space to enjoy.

Soft shapes are being embraced, from furnishings and lighting to interior and exterior architecture. With the ability to add a sense of grandeur while also softening a space, fluid forms are seductive and alluring and continue to be incorporated into modern design.

“Curves can bring an interesting contrast to an interior’s architecture,” CSR Gyprock general manager-marketing Renee McGinty says.

“After decades of sharp edges and square-set ceilings, modern homes have returned to softer shapes and curved forms, and the design aesthetic is continuing to prove popular with professionals and homeowners alike, looking to add timeless and contemporary features in their homes.”

Curves are appealing in many ways and can be included in the interior structure of a home such as ceilings, walls, arched doorways, recesses and joinery as well as curved staircases, offering a focal point in a room while also making the space more interesting.

“There is a perception that impressive features can be costly and difficult to achieve, which is not the case. There are building products on the market that allow homeowners to get the architectural wow factor they are looking for without huge investment. Gyprock Flexible is a modern plasterboard product designed to bend for small radius curves and is ideal for creating curved feature walls and ceilings,” Renee says.

Ceiling Style

A highlight of The Block 2023 series was the jaw-dropping ceiling created by Leah and Ash in their master bedroom. When considering the space, the ceiling became an essential element in their interior design.

Renee says the bedroom could handle grand gestures due to being quite large with the ceiling fundamentally becoming an essential layer of the architecture: “It’s a wonderful way of introducing interest and drama to the room and has transformed the space.”

To achieve the scalloped ceiling, Leah and Ash used Gyprock Flexible panels which were moistened and then curved over timber to dry in shape before being installed within the ceiling frames. The result is a smooth and perfect finish and a beautiful soft wave effect over the entire ceiling.

Connecting Spaces with Arches

The trend towards including curves doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a ceiling, with arches being an effective way to connect rooms more softly and create a “cohesive internal language” throughout a house, whether it's used in windows, bathroom mirrors or an inset in a bathroom or kitchen for a subtler look, according to Renee.

Walls present the perfect blank canvas to express your unique personality. Kyle and Leslie in The Block 2023 embraced arches in their main bedroom design with a curved inset in the wall between their bedroom and walk-in robe.

The curved form doubled as a luxurious bedhead highlighted by LED strip lighting to emphasis the shape. The result is a restrained and elegant layer of detail that suits the house’s soft colour

“Through a timeless colour palette enhanced by natural lighting, Kyle and Leslie embraced curves in their studio bathroom, featuring a unique hero curved ceiling over the shower. The form is repeated further through a curved shower window, large mirrors with softened edges and oval tiling, resulting in a beautifully serene and impressive space,” Renee says.

Curves in the Kitchen

For kitchens, curved island benches are popular in many new builds, giving a more custom look. Kyle and Leslie opted for an arch in their kitchen island, mirroring the arches and curves throughout their home and softening the surrounding hard surfaces.

Renee says many hard materials like marble and tiles are selected for wet areas such as kitchens and laundries while also serving as family-friendly with households with small children.  

A curved island bench can be created using Gyprock Flexible which is then clad with timber and painted or stained. Accessories such as seating and floral displays echo the shape, showcasing that with clever design and detailing you can easily add a wow factor to a simple space.

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