Daylighting options


By far the best way to reduce the energy used for lighting is to use free, natural daylight – something we have an abundance of throughout Australia. On average, artificial light (that which comes from your light bulbs) accounts for approximately 10% of your home’s electricity demand. Carefully considered daylighting techniques and design features – particularly those that are designed into new houses – can significantly reduce your reliance on electricity and save you money in the long term. Likewise, an absence of good daylight in a building can lead to what's known as 'sick building syndrome'.

There are many ways to make the most of available daylight indoors, including windows, skylights, clerestory windows, sawtooth roofs and louvres. If you consider some of these during the planning stage of a new build or renovation, the long term results usually look great and work superbly to light your home during the day.

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Clerestory windows

Traditionally narrow bands of windows across the tops of buildings, but now seems to include any 'higher-than-average' window.

Light shelf

Light shelves

Light shelves work on a fairly basic principle. A shelf is installed outside of a window, which reflects additional light back into a room. They are particularly effective for houses where eaves might otherwise reduce the amount of light entering a window at certain times of the day.

A light tube

Light tubes

Similar to skylights, these tubes bring subtly daylight into your house and are easily disguised as light fittings.

Sawtooth roofs

This traditional daylighting method is mostly used in industrial buildings, but is now making a comeback in homes.


Skylights and roof lanterns

Skylights generally allow much more light into a room than windows do, thanks to their access to direct sunlight.


Transoms and fanlights

These small windows are usually placed above doors, and often allow both improved lighting and ventilation.

Different types of windows

Windows and daylight

The most common and essential form of daylighting in almost all homes, windows play a very big part in lighting design.