Decorative Paint Techniques for Interior Walls

09 June 2021

 Upgrading the interior look of your house may not be limited to adding clutter to your house by increasing the number of decorative objects and it may just create a feel by playing with what is already there like “just Repaint house”. The most impactful design can be the walls of your house. You can experiment with the walls to create any look of your choice. And the margin and space for playing with the themes, colors, hues, and patterns are more than any other thing. Here are some useful tips to make the walls of your bedroom, drawing room, or kitchen like never before.


This amazing technique is used to make thin streaks by using a brush to paint on the walls and it comes out to be horizontal or vertical lines with no definite width and straight edges but almost straight fine lines. You can use vibrant loud colors or soft pastel colors for this type of wall painting.

Stencils or Painter’s Tape

Painting stencils are the easiest way to create any shape and design of your choice. You just need to get a stencil from the market and use it to make a perfect portrait on the walls of your TV lounge or the living room. Painter’s tape is another cheapest and useful tool to make a random or systemized design on the walls by yourself.


Sponging is another very attractive yet easy way to give a perfect and warmer look to your bedroom walls by using vibrant colors to give a bright sponging effect to the light-colored walls. The fun thing is that the whole family can do this job together with greater results.

Color Wash

It has been a great idea to take two clearly contrasting colors and wash one with the other by using single coat brushing of the top layer on the bottom firm colored layer. It needs only two colored paints of your desire and you can make wonders with them.


Bold and dark stripes of deep colors can make an evident appearance on the master wall of your lounge or the kitchen. Black and white stripes in the horizontal or vertical direction can also play sporty on your bedroom’s wall.

Rag Rolling

Rag rolling gives a pleasant look to the wall. It is easy to apply and looks classy. Take a rag and dip it into the paint and roll the rag on the wall top print creases of the rag on the wall.

Polka Dots

Polka dots can be used on the walls of your kid’s room as it looks funky and kiddy too. It is an evergreen decorative style for walls and it is also very easy to paint by using any hand-cut stencil for round dots of varying sizes. Putting these dots in gradient sizes can give an amazing look to your room.

Metallic Paint

Metal shades are an all-time favorite for show-stopping look to the walls of any room or lounge. It can be made more graceful by applying in the form of blocks or stripes.