Demolition permits

Demolition permits 
Your local council will need to be consulted to arrange the necessary permits for demolition.

What permits are required?

The kinds of permits you’ll require will depend on what you’re demolishing, how much you’re demolishing and where. Demolition permits, planning permits or consents to demolish may be required, depending on what your local council requires.

Different councils may have different sets of rules too, based on whether or not you’re demolishing the entire house or just part of an existing structure. Depending on where you live, you may not need to apply for a permit at all if you’re demolishing less than a certain percentage of the existing house’s floor area and leaving the house’s façade intact.



Heritage structures and trees

If your building falls within a heritage overlay or is considered to be of some historical significance, it’s likely that the process will be much more complicated (if you’re allowed to demolish at all). This may also limit what you’re able to build after you’ve demolished too.

Likewise, in some areas certain trees or other natural features are protected, for the sake of preserving either natural heritage or the overall look and feel of the neighbourhood. If you have trees on your land that you’re hoping to remove, you’ll also need to consult your local council about whether or not you’re allowed to do so.


What’s required for a demolition permit?

To apply for a demolition permit (or similar approval), you’ll normally need to submit most or all of the following:

  • three copies of the site plans, specifying very clearly which areas and materials will be demolished
  • details about any other demolition work that’s been carried out in the last few years
  • a photo of the building’s façade
  • a copy of your Certificate of Title for the land
  • the name, registration and insurance details of an approved demolisher
  • a copy of the public liability insurance policy
  • plans regarding the protection of adjoining properties
  • a description of the demolition and waste disposal procedure