Dirty House? 5 Decluttering Tips To Clean Things Up

16 October 2019

Decluttering is something of a fashionable trend right now and for many people, it's a great idea. Decluttering can help improve your state of mind and make your home more manageable!

In some cases, such as downsizing your home, it's a necessity. That doesn't always make it easy, however.

What if you don't have lots of spare time for a decluttering project? After all, it can be a big task if you have a large home or a lot of things to sort through.


Keep reading for five tips on how to declutter your house in one day.

1. One Room at a Time

Don't focus on your entire home right at first. It's simply too much space and too many belongings. You'll get overwhelmed.

Instead, start with a single room. Some people prefer starting with the hardest room to get it out of the way. Others prefer starting with the easiest room to build some momentum.

Either way, starting with one room narrows your focus down to something more manageable.

2. Use a Sorting System

The classic sorting system for decluttering uses several boxes or bags. You put things you'll keep in one box, donations in another, and trash in the last.

If that system doesn't work for you, you can devise another: store, sell or keep.

What a system does is help you keep things organized. That way you won't wonder which pile in which room you should throw away!

3. Enlist Help of Others

It's very easy for someone to start finding reasons to keep everything. After all, we spent time picking things out and money to get them. Getting rid of them can feel wrong.

Ask a close friend or family member to come over and provide a sanity check. If they suggest getting rid of something that you want to keep, tell them why you want it. If they remain unconvinced, part with that item.

4. Abandon Feeling Obligated

Don't keep items just because you got them as gifts or inherited them. These kinds of items can consume your home if you let them. Gifts you don't use don't benefit anyone.

Let's say you got an antique from a relative, but it just sits in a corner. Odds are good that someone else in the family will want and love that antique. Let them have it.

Donate less valuable items and sell the more valuable ones. If you feel guilty, use the money on a gift for the person who got you the item in the first place.

5. Outsource

Decluttering can provide a sense of accomplishment, but it can also prove time-consuming.

Blocking out enough time for a full-scale decluttering is often difficult between work and life commitments. That doesn't mean you need to abandon your goal of a less cluttered home.

You can outsource a large part of the process. If you figure out ahead of time what you want taken away, you can outsource the heavy lifting. You can use a removal service, such as Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal, to deal with the physical side of things so that you don't have to.

Parting Thoughts on How to Declutter Your House in One Day

Decluttering has psychological and practical value for most homeowners. It's possible to do it in one day, but you need to have a plan of attack before you get started.

For the time-starved homeowner, the tips above will help you solve the challenge of how to declutter your house in one day.

Just remember to take things one room at a time, stay organized, and outsource the heavy lifting if you need help.

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