Do I need an architect to design my house?

27 August 2021

Professional architect working with draft

Constructing your home as per your needs and likings is not something new to wish for. Involving an architect while you build may be or may not be your choice. When the design of your home needs technical expertise to be perfect, it is better to request your builder to refer to an architect.

Your builder will know if your home construction needs the involvement of an architect or you can continue without the guidance of an architect. Expert guidance from a professional helps you move on smoothly and complete your dream home on time.

What Architects Do

Before deciding if you need an architect or no architect, it is better to know how architects function during construction. Based on your requirement and lifestyle, architects develop both interior and exterior designs of the building, choose the type of building materials and work along with the builder until the completion of the building.

Sometimes, architects choose to draw the design process or help in renovation by changing the existing blueprints. Architects visit the building site and observe the construction work to assure the structure of the building meets regulations and standards of the location. It is the responsibility of the architect to decide how the building would look amidst the existing landscape.

Why You Need an Architect

You may need an architect if you are planning to build a unique, customised residential or commercial property.

If you are planning to change the structural elements or the interior of your property, expert advice from an architect is a must. Usually, building contractors employ architects to design your custom home. ‘Architects take care of building codes, local regulations and standards to be followed, and adhere to the existing legal requirements.

Architects help to create dynamic spaces where you live and work with maximum satisfaction.  They help to create both interior and exterior and the ambiance of the living environment.

Let us now look into factors that will help to decide if you need an architect to design your home.

For Eye-catching Designs

Architects may help you choose the best trending design for your residential property. Good designs add additional value to your property and give your property better resale value as well.  

Creative designs from architects may show excellent floor plans for different activities. The designs created by architects will also suit the construction site as they look into all important aspects of your property. 

Saving Extra Money

With their accurate drawings, architects help to have control on designing your project so that minor changes can be done in the initial stage itself on paper.  It will help the builder to estimate your cost and spend effectively.

Energy-efficient buildings save money on spending more on fuel bills.  Your architect can help to have more natural light in your property and reduce cooling, heating, and electric bills...

Architects help to choose durable materials that can save replacement and maintenance costs. Being aware of the latest techniques and trends in brickwork, roofing, paint finishes, and floor tiling, they can choose the best that suits your project.

Using Maximum Floor Space

Earlier architecture meant complicated styles and grand designs. Today’s trend is about maximising the minimum available space. With the help of upgraded architecture techniques, architects can help you design your home with maximum efficiency.      

Your home must be the place where you want to live your life to the fullest. An architect may help you utilise the empty, unnecessary space at home to be designed according to the needs of the day. Open floor plans may help you utilise the available space to the maximum.

Is Your Building Site Challenging

A challenging site poses severe restrictions both physically and socially. An architect can help you design your home if you have chosen a challenging site for construction.  

The architect may suggest the latest techniques and strategies that can help you solve the design challenges and build your dream home. 

Need for an Energy-Efficient Home

If you want to build an energy-efficient home, your architect can help you get it done. Analysing the location, layout, orientation, and building, the architect can help you design your comfortable home with energy efficiency. With the facilities to optimise the heat from the sun and use natural light, your home can save electricity bills.

Living in a space that is healthier, naturally warmer, and comfortable can be made possible by integrating the architectural design of your home with energy efficiency solutions. It can be achieved with the help of architects.

Coordinating with Your Builders

During the construction of your dream home, the architect will coordinate with your interior designers and construction engineers to obtain the building permits or resolve complex local procedures.   


Think about the happy feeling and satisfaction when you look at your newly designed home. Beaming smiles cover everyone at home.   

Now you know if you need to choose an architect or not. What makes a good architect?  A good architect has subject expertise, understands aesthetics, site constraints, regulatory requirements, safety, and style-related issues of your dream home.

At BIC Construction Pty Ltd, We are committed to building individual custom homes with a high degree of customer participation in the design and construction process.