Do your windows comply?

All Australian windows and doors must meet minimum requirements under Australian building regulations. To ensure they can withstand Australian conditions, window manufacturers must test their products for attributes such as wind pressure, water penetration and strength to verify their performance claims.

Window performance label 
Window performance label


How do you know your windows comply?

All residential windows and doors must be marked with a performance label that confirms the window or door is certified to comply with Australian Standard 2047.



Design Performance

The first figure under Design Performance (700) in the sample label to the left indicates the structural strength of the window. 700 Pa structural strength is normally specified for a standard house. For houses in high wind areas such as coastal locations, increased strength is required with 1000 Pa the common value given. The most appropriate design performance needed will depend on your home’s exact location and exposure. Check with your builder or architect for the specific requirements for your home.


Water Resistance

Windows are tested on how well they resist water penetration. A standard value of 150 Pa is usually given for standard housing however coastal locations are more likely to need higher resistance values to prevent water leakage.

  • Windows purchased from accredited AWA members come with a compliance certificate providing a minimum seven year warranty.


Compliance with energy requirements

Window manufacturers must be able to prove compliance with Australian building energy efficient requirements. Members of the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) will display a label on their windows indicating energy efficient performance (see image below).

The window’s cooling and heating performance is rated in two separate bands on a scale of 0 to 10 stars – the more stars the better. These ratings indicate the effect the window will have on the energy performance of the whole house.

Window Energy Performance label

You can also access information on a window’s energy performance using the search tool on the WERS website. The site provides information such as U-value and SHGC as well as allowing you to compare the improved cooling and heating performance of a window compared to a clear, single-glazed, aluminium-frame window.

It’s also useful to consider climatic conditions when choosing windows.


Accreditation Checklist

Before purchasing windows and doors, the Australian Window Association recommends you or your builder ensure that:

  • your windows and doors are accredited by an independent third party to Australian Standards
  • they have the right performance label
  • you will be provided with a minimum 7 year warranty.