Don't get complacent on home safety

29 April 2020


Make sure your pool is properly secured.

Building and Energy is urging parents of young kids to be extra vigilant about potential hazards as youngsters spend more time at home due to COVID-19.

The body’s executive director Saj Abdoolakhan says that parents and carers have been looking after their children while juggling work from home and other commitments.

“Many children do not have the maturity or experience to understand hazards and their potential consequences. Lack of adult supervision for even a moment can result in disaster.”

He encourages parents to have a fresh look at risk areas around the home – one of the big risk areas is the backyard swimming pool and spa. The Australian government has a simple checklist covering key aspects of pool barriers and safety; Saj says there is no substitute for adult supervision, but simple checks and steps can add an extra layer of protection.

“If your home has a swimming pool or spa, or if you have a portable pool set-up, it is essential that the safety barriers are effective, well-maintained and compliant with Western Australian regulations.”

Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death in children under the age of five. Even in cooler weather, parents should test and ensure that their pool gate self-closes properly and that there are no objects that a child could use to climb over a pool barrier.

“Also speak to older children to help them understand the risks for their younger siblings and never rely on older children to supervise younger children around swimming pools.”

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