Door and window design

Doors and windows are normally the weakest link when it comes to containing an indoor climate. Not only are they big apertures that are frequently opened and closed, but they're also the most likely places where hot or cold air will be allowed to sneak in and out of your home. Find out what role doors and windows play, and how best to design them to reduce their impact on passive heating and cooling efforts.

What are energy efficient windows?

An energy efficient window is one that helps to minimise the use of artificial heating and cooling in a building. Technological progress in the last 25 years has made...

Thermal mass and windows

How thermal mass affects windows

A big part of planning thermal mass in your home is deciding where windows need to go in order to allow sunlight in. Read on to find out more about the relationships between windows and thermal mass.

Climate zones in Australia

Climate considerations for windows

Australia’s vastness lends itself to a broad range of climatic conditions ranging from the tropical weather of Cairns to the frosty conditions experienced in Hobart. How much energy...

Window rating label

Window Energy Rating Scheme

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (or WERS, as it's known) is a system by which windows sold in Australia are independently assessed and rated according to their performance and efficiency.

Door soundproofing and insulation

See how draught excluders, weather strips and door sweeps can be fitted (or retrofitted) to doors in order to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Heat transfer through doors and frames

Doors and door frames, if they're the wrong type, can easily let more heat in and out of your home than you might like. Find out what to consider when selecting external doors and frames for your home.

How to control heat gain through windows

The main purposes for windows are to allow light in and to let you see out - and this often comes at the expense of their ability to prevent heat transfer. Learn more about heat loss through windows.