Door handle types


Getting in and out of a door needs to be as simple as possible, and while the choice mostly comes down to aesthetics, for those with a disability the mechanisms you install to open doors can make a big difference. 

While there are only really a few choices in terms of door handle types, there are countless different style variations - so whatever your needs and taste, you're bound to find something that fits. 

Door knobs

Door knobs are the simplest and most common type of door handle in homes. Find out how they work, and everything else you need to know about door knobs.

Door levers

Door levers, like door knobs, are very familiar to most of us. Find out how they work, and in what circumstances they're the most appropriate choice of door handle.

Door entry pull handles

Entry pull handles are more commonly used in commercial settings, but they may also find an appropriate use in certain parts of your home.

Door push plates and kick plates

Push and kick plates allow doors to be opened either without using your hands, or with a simple push. These handles offer convenience and simplicity.