Door maintenance

Keeping your doors freely swinging and easy to open can be affected greatly by environmental conditions like humidity and reactive soil under your house. Even the slightest movement or swelling of materials can make them very difficult to open and close properly.

Stubborn locks can also cause a great deal of frustration if you are on the outside of one with a key that should work. Fortunately, there are some easy remedies for both of these issues...

How to clean a lock

Stubborn lock? Key getting stuck in the keyhole? Locks can get dirty or rusted, especially if they're not used for some time. Find out how to clean and fix a dirty lock.

Door soundproofing and insulation

See how draught excluders, weather strips and door sweeps can be fitted (or retrofitted) to doors in order to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Why won't my door close?

There are several things that can cause this problem, and accordingly, several ways to deal with it. Find out how to fix a door that either won't open, or is hard to close.

How to fix a squeaky door

Squeaky doors are annoying - although thanfully, fixing them is normally very easy to do. Find out how to fix door squeaks, what sort of oil to use, and how to deal with the causes of squeaky doors.